There are places that you breathe in,
and feel comfortable in.
Like people who you feel you've always known,
even if you've never met them.

The Friulane

Opendoor slippers

The Venetian Furlane speak an international language. Over the decades, they blended in with the cosmopolitan air of Venice’s Serenissima Republic, that meeting-point of East and West in a city open to the world’s cultures; a city full of charm and magic, of happy encounters; a place where the rhythm of the waves is special.

Today, you can find the Venetian Furlane near the Rialto Bridge at Piedaterre, a store-cum-treasure trove run by Alessandra and Renato who, in recent years, have succeeded in taking them to international success. They choose the fabrics, match the colours and fabrics, and then the weaves according to the moods of the present, past, and future even – always designing the evolution and always keeping the Furlane in step with the times as an expression of life as it changes.